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Vegetarian comfort food with a bite in Utrecht

GYS in Utrecht is the only restaurant in the Netherlands with a 100% organic and vegetarian menu. Are you living a gluten-free or vegan existence? Then this restaurant is also the place to be for you! Enjoy delicious flavors and a real bite thanks to vegetarian comfort food. Hang out with your friends in the city center of Utrecht or bring your laptop to catch up on your work or school assignments while enjoying new and exciting vegetarian dishes. Take a look at the menu for some new classic vegan meals and gorgeous gluten-free desserts.

Vegan, gluten-free and vegetarian options on the menu

Visit this restaurant in Utrecht to enjoy some delicious vegetarian comfort food, such as a club sandwich, scrambled eggs, pancakes or Mexican Tostadas. Everything on the menu is also available as a gluten-free or vegan option. You can order off of the breakfast and lunch menu until 5 pm. This restaurant in Utrecht made it its mission to keep creating exciting vegetarian meals with a good bite. Keep your taste buds, body and the planet happy by ordering 100% organic and vegetarian dishes.

Order a completely vegan high tea

Discover the chef’s selection of little bites from the menu during a vegan high tea. You can order the high tea vegetarian-friendly, vegan-friendly or completely gluten-free. This way you can enjoy a vegan high tea with all of your friends! It is also possible to order the high tea via GYS Delivery to enjoy at home.

Order online or make a reservation

Book a table at this restaurant in Utrecht to enjoy some real vegetarian comfort food. If you are too busy to visit one of the establishments in Utrecht, you can always order online. Your food will be delivered to you as soon as possible via GYS Delivery. Contact this restaurant in case you have any questions. They are happy to provide you all the info you need.